Waterproof GPS Tracker For Boats

GPS Tracker For Small Boats

Southern California is a crowded region that millions of people call home. With mountains for snowboarders, beautiful beaches for surfers and perfect weather for everyone, it is easy to see why so many people want to reside in Southern California. When residents of San Diego, Dana Point, Newport Beach or essentially any city in Southern California look to take a break from their hectic work lives, many of them will travel to Catalina Island. What makes this region so unique is that it literally feels when a person is there that they are somewhere completely different than California. Although the small community of boaters spend most of their time catering to the needs of tourists visiting Catalina Island, one of their primary concerns is safeguarding marine vessels. And how Catalina boaters are protecting watercraft is through the use of GPS tracker systems.

What is the best waterproof GPS tracker for small boats?

Real-time GPS trackers are valuable tools for asset protection because the devices can alert boat owners if their watercraft are ever moved without authorization, while also giving the user instant access to locational information at anytime. By hard-wiring a real-time GPS tracker to their personal watercraft, boat owners can increase theft-recovery efforts while never having to worry about the battery-life of the vehicle tracker. The GPS tracking device will always be on, reporting live locational data as fast as every 3 seconds!

Another great feature of this type of real-time GPS tracking device is that it offers something that the technology geeks like to refer to as geo-fencing. What this basically means is that the boat owner can set a virtual boundary around the watercraft and if that boat is moved for any particular reason a email or text message is sent immediately to the boat owner. This will alert them the second the boat is moved without authorization. Currently, one of the highest-rated GPS trackers for small boats is a live GPS tracking device known as the GPS 54.

Features of this boat GPS theft tracker include:

  • Waterproof design
  • Compact size
  • 40 hours continuous real time GPS tracking
  • Magnet mount that makes it easy to hide the GPS tracker on a boat

The best part about the waterproof GPS tracker is that it can work on boats, cars, and other personal assets! Simply attach the tracking device to anything you want to safeguard.

Catalina Island is absolutely gorgeous to visit and has so much to offer, but for boat owners it also presents risk and potential for theft. This is why boat owners living or visiting Catalina Island are calling upon real-time waterproof GPS trackers for boats more and more frequently.